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Preservation is, of course the most basic principle of plant care however there comes a time when removing a tree or shrub is the only option. Removal becomes necessary when a tree or shrub is dead or dying, a tree is considered hazardous to nearby structures or pedestrian thoroughfares or a tree is preventing further necessary construction amongst other reasons. Castor Tree Care will, in every case work to save your tree or shrub wherever possible and can properly advise you whether removal is needed. In the event that removal is necessary we have the tools and expertise to remove the offending plant correctly and without risk of injury to surrounding structures or individuals. It can’t be stressed enough that tree removal can be a very dangerous job, particularly for larger trees and should always be performed by a qualified professional.Contact us now to discuss your project.


Pruning and trimming serve many different objectives. Removal of deadwood is probably the most obvious reason for pruning and trimming. Deadwood is an entry port into the tree for viral, fungal, bacterial pathogens, borers, carpenter ants, and termites. There is also the physical danger of large deadwood falling on people or property.

Another aspect of pruning and trimming is hazardous limb removal. Sometimes limbs can grow very fast and not have enough support strength to withstand high winds, snow or ice. If these limbs are over power lines or roofs they can break and cause damage.

Cabling and bracing

Trees can often be compromised by poor structure or damage. In these cases, cabling and bracing strategies are the only alternatives to removal.

Cabling is used in the upper canopy to provide support for limbs that would otherwise break off or split the leader to which they are attached.

Bracing is a more invasive procedure that is commonly used to fasten together splits in the trunk and larger wood.

Although tree support systems are designed to prolong the service life of the tree, it is important to understand that artificial support for a compromised tree can not guarantee the tree will not fail. At Castor Tree Care, we prefer to extend the service life of the tree as an alternative to removal, but only if it can be done safely, and with a possible expectation of failure.

Spraying and Fertilizing

We use an environmentally friendly organic fertilizer in accordance with national standards. The fertilizer is injected directly into the root zone for maximum benefit. Our feeder is a low-pressure injection type that protects the delicate root system of the plants and trees. Fertilization should be done periodically. Call one of our consulting arborists to survey your property as to the types of trees and plants you have, and their individual needs. We can arrange a maintenance program for your property to keep it looking beautiful. Some of the benefits of deep root fertilizing your trees and plants are:

  • Nutrients and water go directly to the roots
  • Aeration of the soil
  • Improved tree health
  • Luxuriant foliage
  • Improved tree vigor
  • Encourages new growth

Remember, trees in stress caused by cold, heat, wind, and drought promote disease and insect infestation. A happy tree is a healthy tree. Make sure your trees and plants are well fertilized and properly watered.

Stump Grinding

After a tree is cut, you are left with an eye sore of the tree stump. The removal of the stump will ensure that the roots of the tree will not continue to grow and will rid your yard of pest and decay that a stump gets over time.

Removing that unsightly stump will improve the look of your landscape and remove tripping hazards for you and your children. You will have an easier time cutting your grass as well as being able to put down sod or plant flowers where the stump used to be thereby beautifying your yard.

  • Create a whole new landscaped environment or garden and make the whole area more healthy looking.
  • Avoid the damaging look of wood decay that becomes a breeding ground for pests and infections.
  • Not have to deal with the unattractive unhealthy regrowth and sprouts.

 All Residencial Services

  • Tree pruning and trimming.
  • Tree removal
  • Storm Damage
  • Lot Clearing for custom
  • Cabling and bracing
  • Stump Grinding
  • Spraying
  • Fertilizing


We offer residential and commercial Fall clean-up (leaf removal) & Eavestroughs cleaning service in The Greater Toronto Area (GTA). This service includes mulching up the leaves with the mower or removing the leaves from the property at the customer’s request.

Keeping your gutters clean and free of debris is the best way to protect your home or business from water damage.

Castor Tree Care makes great efforts to deliver the best, personalized quality service at an affordable price. Fully Insured


Castor Tree Care offers professional Lawn Care services for the maintenance and care of lawns, gardens, and outdoor landscapes. Our services include:

  • Mowing
  • Edging
  • Mulching
  • Tree Planting

Additional services:

  • Weed control
  • Pest control
  • Trimming and pruning
  • Seasonal cleanups
  • Irrigation system maintenance

These services can be customized based on your specific needs and the condition of your lawn. We offer different packages but we can also create a tailored plan to suit your preferences and budget.


Affordable and reliable waste removal services for your commercial needs.
Whether it is a restaurant, an office, a building complex, or a store. We can dispose of most types of waste: recycled cardboard paper, glass bottles, compost, and more.
Hundreds of businesses have trusted us to pick up and appropriately dispose of their waste.
If flexibility it’s a concern we can adjust to your schedule, whether you need us to pick up on a regular basis, as often as daily or as seldom as once a month, we can arrange for a schedule that fits your needs.